The Blackfish Backlash

By Katie Moore

The documentary is negatively impacting ticket sales at SeaWorld.

Strengthening Citizen Journalism Through Transparency

By Katie Moore

Citizen Evidence Lab assists in verifying footage and images submitted by citizen journalists.

Visions of Sochi

by Sam Ross-Brown

Making sense of Russia's Olympic resort.

U.S. Officials Say

by Sam Ross-Brown

It seems very little happens in the world without government sources saying so.


Oprah, Beyoncé, and Truth

By Suzanne Lindgren

Utne Reader Visionary Alexis Pauline Gumbs considers what it is possible to know about the most famous Black women alive today.

9/11: Beyond the Anniversary

 by David Schimke

A new collection of essays about the causes and effects of terror is a must read, particularly after the media blitz that accompanied the tenth anniversary of 9/11...

Shooting Teabaggers: Impressions From Behind a Camera

 by Stephanie Glaros

A photographer reflects on an afternoon spent with anti-tax protesters....

Not the same old tax-season story for working parents

by Jaimie Stevenson 

The Earned Income Tax Credit holds up the floor for modest-income working families by issuing a cash return on income parents earn. But many more families are eligible than file for it. This season, New Jersey could be the first state to decrease this tax credit.

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